X Rays Cassettes


1) Adopts special plastic connecting angles, anti-pounding
2) It is contacted evenly with its specially made high-elasticity sponge pad
3) Imaging stably and clearly
4) The imaging layer is clear as well
5) The sponge pad is specially treated
6) It can protect the intensifying screen not to be damaged
7) Adopts the entire plane grid chart testing technique to insure the Quality of products


1. Exceptional film-screen contact
Use aerospace grade aluminum with extreme hardness and spring action to return to original position after compression is removed. Does not deteriorate over long period of usage.
Use 100% open cell foam system imploded with nitrogen gas. Returns to original position after repeated compressions. Ensures no deterioration in film-screen contact over extended use.
An aeronautical grade aluminum alloy is formed to give a curved profile. The curvature is optimized for displacement of air trapped inside the X RAY FILM CASSETTE body.
Meets and exceeds the specs of International Standards for film-screen contact as per ISO 4090.
Adopts the entire plane grid chart testing technique to insure the quality of X-ray film cassette .

2. Minor Light leakage under 1/ 16 inch
Precision engineered under zero tolerance tooling.
Highly tempered aluminum does not deform or crack.
ID window is light proof.

3. Excellent Durability
Adopts special plastic connecting angles, anti-pounding. Withstands successive drop on each corner or edge from 3 feet height on concrete floor (hospital standard).
Passes 10, 000 opening and closing action of latches and hinges.
Spring s in inner tray stay intact for several years without losing spring action.

4. Ease of use & aesthetics X-ray film cassette 
Coated with feel warm vinyl on tube side.
Dust free inner body as well as vinyl lamination on both sides of inner tray and cassette.
Non-shedding foam system.
No artifacts. Compatible with all film types.

SIZE (Inches)

203×254MM; 8×10; 18×24CM
254×305MM; 10×12; 20×40CM
280×356MM; 11×14; 24×30CM
305×381MM; 12×15; 30×35CM
356×356MM; 14×14; 30×40CM
356×432MM; 14×17; 40×40CM
191×305MM; 7.5×12
178×356MM; 7×14
18×43; (7×17)
24×24; (9.5×9.5)
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